Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zurück in Deutschland...zu bald.

Anna and I woke up very early on our last morning in Paris and sleepily followed the directions Emma had left us to the train station.  Fortunately we made it with plenty of time and caught our train to Mannheim without incident. 

Once there, we learned that Mannheim is also without incident.  It's major claim to fame is having the largest John Deere plant outside of America, so I'm sure you can imagine what a touristic paradise it is.  That said, Mannheim has some fairly pleasant bits.  Anna and I only spent a few hours there, but we enjoyed some tasty falafel by a fountain in the reasonably picturesque main square.

The fountain.

A detail.
The other main attraction in Mannheim was the Wasserturm (water tower), so we figured we would stop by while we were in town.

Das Wasserturm

There were spinxes.

I made a friend.

From Mannheim, Anna and I took the twenty-minute train to Heidelberg, a more picturesque university town nearby.  It was pretty enough, but packed with tourists for inexplicable reasons.  It also didn't help that by then our feet were very sore from a weekend full of non-stop walking on cobblestone streets.

View along the Neckar river.

Main street in the Altstadt (old city).

Eventually we found a nice little restaurant where we enjoyed some German wine and "gebackener" (baked) Camembert, which turned out to be something along the lines of Camembert mozzarella-sticks but was still tasty.  It was certainly sufficient to tide us over for the three-hour train ride back to Göttingen for our last week of classes.

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