Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ciao a tutti e buon natale!  Hello to all and Merry Christmas!

I am back in Maine just in time for the holidays (and I actually mean just in time thanks to a certain Human Evolution final).  Yesterday was spent throwing the contents of my bags into a giant pile on my floor before heading up to Freeport for some last minute (let's be honest: the entirety of) my Christmas shopping. All in all, great success, although I learned that one cannot find wine from the Emilia-Romagna region, of which Bologna is il capoluogo (capital city), anywhere in the Portland area.  That's what I get for being impatient, I guess.  So, Dad, I hope you will still enjoy the original intention when you drink the Chianti da Toscana I picked out instead.

Having made it through Christmas Eve, I have so far spent Christmas morning remembering that I am no longer Catholic while puzzling my way through an Episcopal mass, opening practical Christmas gifts (toothbrushes, anyone?), and drinking cup after cup of tea while listening to my dad's Christmas music.  Speaking of tea...

Too bad I'm not a Chi-O.

Several of you who may or may not be reading this have mentioned that you would like to see pictures of food.  I am presuming that you meant that to begin once I was actually in Italy, but my aunt gave me such an adorable tea set that I couldn't resist beginning now.  You are all cordially invited to share a pot with me anytime, provided that you, me, and the owls are all in the same place (this especially means you, Molly).

This Christmas downtime is also giving me a chance to finally relax again after a whirlwind last week in Saint Louis.  I am now officially moved out of the Henry Arnold and into the basement of the Cookie Tree.  Fortunately I finished all the logistics with enough time to enjoy one final dinner out on the Loop before having to face the airport.  Leaving Saint Louis was rough, as it has truly become my home over these past few years.  However, total misery was averted when I was lucky enough to find Dan Cole waiting at my gate as I arrived trying (rather unsuccessfully) to hold back tears.  After a several hour delay, we were both re-routed through Chicago and were therefore able to enjoy some lovely $9 airport sandwiches before catching our separate connections.  Anyway, the trip is over now and I made it back to Maine intact.  All that can be hoped for, really.

So, with that said, mi mancate (I miss you all) but it's now time for me to pack for Italia and get excited for my sojourn abroad in earnest.  Bologna here I come, Christmas toothbrushes in hand!



  1. Toothbrushes are always welcome when a flight is delayed. When in doubt, ask yor seat mate.
    ciao. Mama

  2. Yes! I cannot wait for cup after cup of tea in the owl pot!

  3. That one final dinner out on the Loop sounds like a wonderful moment. (It feels like I could have written most of this entry for you :p)


  4. SSarang to you too Amy! Glad to hear you made it back intact! I can't wait to read your first post from Italia!

    Mi manchi, eccetera,


    peh essseh: I also keep hearing requests for pictures of food! oy vey I will not have my blog become a proxy for the Italian food network...